Where It All Started

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'Our history makes us different. We were founded as a reaction to the recruitment industry.

We were bored of the hyperbole, disenchanted with the 'same old, same old' and motivated to do it better.  The quest?  Bring back consultancy, drive partnership, add real value.  Simple.'

But That's What Everyone Says. Right?

Well sure, but here's a few things that stop us from being just another recruitment company;

1. Our founders don't know any other way. They're not recruiters, never have been. They are marketing led entrepreneurs who thought marketing recruitment could be done better.

2. We're hugely ambitious and believe whole heartedly that our relationship driven approach will prove more successful over time than a metrics driven standard recruitment model.

3. We want to have fun in the process. Pushing CVs around is not fun. Building relationships with our candidates and clients, something we only achieve by being genuine, honest folk, is very rewarding.

But That's What Everyone Says. Right?

It's All About Relationships.

It really is. From family to friends to business, it's all about relationships. We focus all of our energy into building great ones. After all, we are in the business of starting relationships, they just happen to be between candidates and clients.

In our line of work, great relationships are built on trust, great ability, mutual understanding and respect. It means honest feedback, really listening, knowing when to push and when to hold back.

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Giving Back.

Now this is a great part of being successful. The opportunity afforded by our success is the ability to make a difference to people potentially less fortunate than ourselves. We love charity:water for it's simple beginnings, it's 'left field' approach and it's huge success. We're delighted to be a part of the greater mission.

Our pledge;

For every candidate that we place we contribute £25.00 as a business to the charity. In addition, each and every consultant has made a personal pledge of £15.00 each and every time they place one of their candidates.

For every £40.00, we provide clean drinking water to an average of 3 people. Our goal this year is to give access to fresh water to over 500 people. You can help us by joining our giving team on our Charity Water page

Giving Back.
Charity Water