Why Candidates Choose Dylan

At Dylan your career development is our primary motivation. Helping you succeed is the lifeblood of our business and we pride ourselves on getting your next step just right. Every day, we strive to find our candidates the very best job opportunities in the 'best fit', most stimulating environments.

Our aim is to ensure that we match your career ambitions to a company that can offer you more than just the job of your dreams - but a career. Ultimately, we want you to thrive, because when you prosper, so do our clients and so does Dylan.

Intelligent Choice What Our Talent Has To Say

We're Changing Recruitment

We're Changing Recruitment

We want all our candidates to be best in class. The people companies choose to work with. It's a bit like training an athlete: preparation is everything.

Our promise - we won't put you up for jobs we don't think you're suited for and we won't leave you to fend for yourself once you're through the door.

We will work with you on everything from updating your CV to getting the most out of the interview so you understand your own agenda, know what questions to ask and come away with a clear idea of what the job - and the company - has to offer.

We'll also equip you with the tools to assess each opportunity - whether it's a freelance contract or a permanent position, regardless of industry sector.

It's simple, but always intelligent.

The easiest way of finding the perfect new job is by having your very own recruitment consultant.

Of course, hiring your own recruitment consultant could actually be quite expensive!

Registering with Dylan is like having your own consultant, who learns what's perfect for you as you search. If you don't register we'll save as much of your search information as we can, but after a few days we have to start afresh. So register now and make sure that make the most of the Dylan experience.

Why Register?

All Your Recommendations Saved

By registering you can make sure that all of the jobs you've 'starred' and all the jobs Dylan recommends to you are saved for as long as you need them. We'll save your jobs for a few days if you don't register, but then we have to start afresh.

What You've Applied For

We know that sometimes you'll want to apply for multiple jobs - so you can make sure exactly what's right for you. By registering we'll keep track of the jobs you've applied for, so you know exactly what to follow up on.

A Different Search For Every Occasion

What happens if the job you want to search for can be spilt into different groups, say the same job role, but in different locations? We don't want you to have to retype the search - so we make it easy for you to save and action specific searches.

Save A Note and Never Miss A Beat

It happens to everyone, you're searching for a new job and the description has a certain skill or phrase you're not sure about. By making a short note you can make sure you're on top of everything you need to know, or need to ask.

Save Your Consultants Just Like Your Jobs

At the heart of Dylan is relationships. In the same way you can 'star' a job, we want you to have quick access to your offline consultant. So you can track just their specialists jobs, or find their contact details easily.

Upload Your CV Once - And Everytime You Update It.

When you register, you can upload your CV and we'll get it straight away - and we'll review it just as quickly. Any time you make a change to it, all you have to do is upload the new version to your profile, and we'll know exactly what you're up to.

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