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The Marketoonist
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The Marketoonist The Marketoonist The Marketoonist

We're delighted to announce that our keynote at the next Dylan Forum will be given by none other than The Marketoonist!

Viewed by over 100,000 marketers per week, The Marketoonist (Tom Fishburne) delivers candid, insightful cartoons that help businesses communicate, counting the likes of Unilever, Harvard Business School, Boeing, Microsoft and many, many more as clients.

Flying in from San Francisco, Tom's talk (or will it be a doodle?) will focus on the responsibility of all employees for setting the culture of the businesses that we work in.

About Tom..

Tom learned how to draw cartoons at Harvard Business School by doodling on the back of business cases and publishing in the school paper.

Tom draws from a 15-year career in consumer marketing, most recently as VP at Method Products, the innovative home care brand listed as the seventh fastest growing company in the US in 2006. He previously led brands at Nestle and General Mills.

Tom has kindly agreed to come and give a specialist talk on behalf of Dylan on how we are all now responsible for setting a company's culture and how essentially the HR department are the new Marketing department. You can read more from Tom about the talk at our blog here.

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