I am Dylan.

Neil Mitra


Neil Mitra

Neil MitraDirector

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Sarah Johnson

Specialist Commercial Support Recruiter

Sarah Johnson

Sarah Johnson Specialist Commercial Support Recruiter

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England to Africa to England.
A Dylan veteran.


Away from work I am passionate about...
Films, music, cathedrals, architecture, fashion, interior design, gardens, people, coffee and supper catch-up with friends and of course, my family.

My favorite meal of the day is...
Supper in the week, lunch at the weekends.

If I could have any job or career in the world...
I would be CEO of a recruitment company, because it combines my love of recruitment and business .. Career ... a concert pianist, a singer in a rock band or world class tennis player!

I confess to being bad at...
Being patient with life!

I give 15 to charity water every time I make a placement because...
I lived for 25 years in developing countries and often had no running water for lengthy periods of time. I have seen first hand what a huge amount is achieved from the smallest amounts given.

I work at Dylan because...
I love it here. I have been with Dylan almost from the start and have seen it's wonderful, energised growth. I love that we work to the highest standards of our profession.

My favourite part of recruitment is...
Helping both sides of the recruitment equation meet each other and decide to work together, to all-round fulfillment.

I confess to loving...
My life!

Charity Water