I am Dylan.

Neil Mitra


Neil Mitra

Neil MitraDirector

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Sarah Johnson

Specialist Commercial Support Recruiter

Sarah Johnson

Sarah Johnson Specialist Commercial Support Recruiter

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From a world where having ‘tea’ means an entire meal.

Coming from working to serve the needs of the Banking sector I've found marketing to be somewhere where having a passion for media & innovations is seen as a good thing, essential in fact!

I love the broad variety of roles and opportunities there are in integrated agencies including ambitious AEs, integral planners to Group Account Directors all who have a depth as well as breadth of marketing knowledge as well as more specialist role across SP, DM etc. As no two roles are the same I'm constantly challenged and there is a lot of satisfaction to be had when you find someone their ideal job.

At Dylan I work with a great team closely to ensure all areas of the integrated world are covered.


Away from work I am passionate about...
Music (stuck in the 90's), Food (so spicy it's toxic), Literature (comic books), My Football & Rugby teams (so bad they make me cry) & living in London (misses "The North")

My favorite meal of the day is...
Tea (northern interpretation)

If I could have any job or career in the world...
Film Director... million £ budgets, exotic locations and mainly delegating.

I confess to being bad at...
Remembering the birthdays of anyone who is important...I mean family, not like the Queen.

I give £15 to charity water every time I make a placement because...
It's a fantastic charity whose work we endorse massively.

I work at Dylan because...
The approach to recruitment is by far the best I've seen, and the free brownies help.

My favourite part of recruitment is...
Working with talented people and industry leading marketing agencies.

I confess to loving...
..the conclusion of this questionnaire.

Charity Water