I am Dylan.

Neil Mitra


Neil Mitra

Neil MitraDirector

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Sarah Johnson

Specialist Commercial Support Recruiter

Sarah Johnson

Sarah Johnson Specialist Commercial Support Recruiter

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Dylan's Daddy.

Brought up on a rock in the middle of the English Channel, I then went to school in the middle of the Dorset countryside before heading to the Welsh capital for my university days. I am incredibly proud to have been here from day 1 and see what we have achieved with our candidates, clients and consultants and it has been very satisfying seeing the consultancy grow and evolve whilst never moving away from our original ethos. I epitomise what we are about in terms of personality and deliverables and get very passionate in helping develop our talented team.


Away from work I am passionate about...
Rugby (going to Twickenham), 24, Family and skiing

My favorite meal of the day is...
Supper (Curry)

If I could have any job or career in the world...
I would be a professional tennis player

I confess to being bad at...
Singing, (the only thing!)

I give 15 to charity water every time I make a placement because...
Every human has the given right to drink clean water. I aim to give a lot more than 15.

I work at Dylan because...
We are changing the way recruitment is done in our sector.

My favourite part of recruitment is...
Developing professional friendships.

I confess to loving...
Take That and Jack Bauer

Charity Water