How Dylan Works

Dylan is a revolution in job search. A virtual recruitment consultant that learns the type of jobs you like, and makes recommendations based on how you search. Dylan then delivers those jobs to you exactly how you want them.

Jobs You Want To See, Delivered To Your Inbox

As soon as you start searching you not only start to tell Dylan exactly the sort of vacancies you're interesting in, but you start to build up criteria based on the information you tell us.

With keywords and 'more options' you can start to get personalised emails based on your specific criteria. Just hit the 'Subscribe' button and we'll show you exactly what you've searched for. All you have to do is tell us what your email address is and how frequently you want an email alert.

Unsubscribe Whenever You Want
At the bottom of every email we'll send you you'll find a link to unsubcribe from receiving any more emails.

Let Twitter Take The Load (Don't worry, we only Tweet you alerts via private Direct Message's - DM's)

If you're anything like Dylan you'll have Twitter open in your browser, as a desktop app and on your phone.

We want you to get alerts for the vacancies you want, how you want them - and with a little Twitter magic we can DM you relevant positions. You start your search, hit the 'Subscribe' button and Dylan will give you a specific message to send to @dylanalerts. This is Dylan's specific 'alerts' account, so as well as sending you DMs it also tweets all of our new job postings. For Dylan's social side including news and views head on over to @wearedylan.

Follow the steps on the right and whenever Dylan finds a new vacancy matching your criteria you'll get a private DM.

New To Twitter?
You can sign up for a Twitter account here. Also, you can find instructions regarding how to send DM's here.

How Dylan Twitter Alerts Work

You start your search, and hit 'Subscribe'.

Dylan gives you a personalised message based on your search to send to @dylanalerts.

You go to Twitter, sign up for an account if you don't have one already - follow @dylanalerts and send the message as a DM.

You'll start to get private DM's in return with relevant vacancies based on your search in Step 1. It's that easy!

There's a Reason RSS is Called 'Real Simple'

RSS, or 'Real Simple Syndication', is a way for you to stay connected to a website and know immediately when it's being updated.

From the BBC to bedroom bloggers, RSS has become fundemental to the web. Dylan uses RSS to make sure that as soon as vacancies arrive on the site, you'll know. As soon as you carry out a search and hit 'Subscribe' we'll show you a personalised RSS feed that you can then drop into an RSS reader or browser to get your own updates.

If you want to see every new Dylan vacancy you can see the main RSS feed here.

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