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ZEEFAX – The Best CV Ever!

August 24th, 2011   By   Filed Under: Candidates, Digital, Employers, Everyone, Guest Blog

At Dylan we love to see people being innovative in their job search, going that extra mile in the search of a job they love. As we say: Love what you do. Never work Again.

So, having recently brought you The Best Cover Letter Ever courtesy of Gareth Cash’s video we are now happy to bring you The Best CV Ever, ZEEFAX! This time from Zef Narkiewics who has taken a nostalgic approach to that remnant of the past, Ceefax (or Teletext if you’d rather), to set himself apart from the crowd. Awesome, nice work Zef. Here is what Zef had to say about his CV:

“I remember attending a lecture at University where the visiting speaker was discussing ‘novelty’ CVs, describing them as a hit and miss approach, more often than not bordering on the miss. Opinions differ, as with anything; some designers might slap their thighs and roar with laughter at your baked-bean-tin-CV whilst others may chuck it in the bin with last week’s copy of Creative Review. A CV’s primary objective should not be sacrificed for a creative approach. Potential employers want easily obtainable information on who you are and what you can do – nothing should hinder them (too greatly) in discovering this. It was with this in mind that I took a punt and designed my CV to look like a Teletext service.


What is Digital?

May 18th, 2011   By   Filed Under: Digital, Guest Blog, Interesting, Weird and Wonderful

Everyone seems to banging on about “digital” in the advertising, marketing and PR industries. If they’re not banging on about digital it’s “mobile” or “social” or a nonsensical point release of something that already exists:

• Enterprise 2.0
• Government 3.0
• World’s Oldest Profession 5.0

Organisations with little digital experience ask me what the role of digital is. That’s the wrong question. The question should be “how should our organisation operate in the 21st Century”. In the 21st Century digital technologies are an ordinary, everyday part of people’s lives. In this context it’s important to understand what digital is.

At its most simple, digital is connection, or, more properly, a network of connections. When the web was created this was the connection (by hyperlink) between one “page” of information and another. Digital is also a contemporary means of connection between one person and an organisation (more…)