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LinkedIn – friend or foe?

December 13th, 2011   By   Filed Under: Candidates, Employers, Everyone


I love LinkedIn, not in the love I will have for my first child, but close to it. LinkedIn has revolutionised the recruitment industry. It plays on a very simple emotion, vanity. You may disagree with the vanity suggestion, but if you are on LinkedIn, then you are comfortable with promoting yourself to the world, which is being vain.

Your profile is effectively your CV, it’s a highlight reel of your corporate life, an opportunity for everyone to see what you do and how good you may be.  For companies this is an interesting problem because you know you star performers are constantly visible for all to see and for all to contact.

Recruiters obviously use LinkedIn as a first port of call to head hunt candidates. It allows upfront honesty and assuming that the recruiter is ethical in their approach and respects the persons contact settings (ie, the “open to career opportunities” is highlighted in their contact settings) it is an unobtrusive manner to get in touch. So knowing this is the case, why do companies like their employees being on LinkedIn?


The Evolution of Dylan

December 1st, 2011   By   Filed Under: Candidates, Employers, Everyone

I have been here since March 3rd 2007 when Dylan first opended its doors as Mash Recruit. We opened them as a new and fairly green agency, we made some good headway through determination and a genuine ambition to create a unique recruitment consultancy. It was untimley that the recession took hold soon after but we were tenacious, dug deep and kept our heads above water, still trying to continue to stick to our ethos of trying to be a bit different but a lot better than the norm.

On Wednesday night last week, donned in a tuxedo with the team, I felt very proud to see us pick up two awards at the MARAs (best recruitment website and highly commended in the medium recruiter category) as well as picking up best small recruitment agency in the NORA awards recently too. It was a sign of how far we have come, it was a just a shame yours truly who was shortlisted for the best recrutiment awards wasn’t victorious, we must have missed the application deadline!

These awards are testament to the sheer hard work of the whole team and wonderful to see it acknowledged. Dylan is a wonderful place to work; there is a great culture, a fantastic team and a genuine pride of who we all work for and the brand that has been created. Next year I hope to go one better and scoop best medium agency of the year… see you on the podium.

Is Hiring Extra Staff Worth All That Extra Hassle?

November 24th, 2011   By   Filed Under: Dylan in the press, Employers

In today’s edition of The Times, Phil Edelston (Dylan MD), talks to Carol Lewis about hiring staff in small businesses, click the above image to read more.

The Agency Promotional Video

November 15th, 2011   By   Filed Under: Candidates, Employers

In the past I highlighted a ‘recruitment video’ created by the grads from the Engine GroupBig Pimpin’. It is hilarious and is featured again below.

Many agencies have put their hand to creating promotional videos, some of which were not necessarily originally created for an external audience but have made their way in to the public arena. Many have created a lot of chatter and gained extensive coverage especially through social media and in the online press, just search for Sapient on twitter now and you’ll see what I mean. OK, so not all of this coverage is positive but as a recruitment consultant coming from a talent attraction perspective, I know that it is the work that our client’s (the agencies) do for their clients that is far more important in attracting talent than a promotional video. The same can be said of acquiring new clients. (more…)

Dylan Scoop ‘Best Small Recruitment Agency’ Award at #thenoras

November 3rd, 2011   By   Filed Under: Candidates, Employers, Everyone

We’re super chuffed to announce that we were named Best Small Recruitment Agency at last night’s National Online Recruitment Awards.

Now in its eleventh year the NORA awards celebrate the world of online recruitment and took place last night at Sway in Covent Garden. We were delighted that the hard work and planning that has gone in to making this site seems to be paying off. Rather than trying to communicate micro-messages to individual audiences, we try to communicate to everyone in the same tone, it doesn’t matter if you’re a potential candidate or client because the personality, values and passion of the company is what matters and we hope that shines through. We’d love your thought so please make any comments about what you think

Get Them Talking

October 27th, 2011   By   Filed Under: Digital, Employers, Everyone

I had the pleasure of attending the Yammer On Tour conference with the Co-Founder of Dylan Julian yesterday. We’ve been using Yammer for a few months in the office and have become complete evangelists of the product.

So what exactly is Yammer I hear you cry? Well put simply their pitch is…

It’s a great tool for getting your employees and colleagues off email and offering them a far more fluid way to communicate, share ideas, update teams on projects and facilitate group discussions without a mile long email trail.

Now I’m not here to pitch Yammer necessarily (although it is excellent) but address the importance for companies to start communicating in a different way and embrace the social revolution that is going on all around us.

As I mentioned, we’ve been using Yammer here at Dylan for a while now and have found it’s an excellent way to speed up the conversations that happen within the office. All sorts of things get shared through Yammer and with it being set up on social media principles i.e. with a main feed and then private messaging, you can keep up with what’s going on in the company without actually having to engage in conversation.

Now Dylan is a small business (with big ambitions) and many larger businesses will look upon a tool like this with fear and trepidation over the loss of control. The reality is many (if not all) of your employees are on social applications such as Facebook and Twitter everyday, so why would you want to miss out on this shared knowledge by ignoring this fact?

The social revolution is here and the benefits of embracing this will only be realised once you take the leap to integrate it into how your organisation communicates.

…And if you’re still not convinced you can read the Forrester Report which looks at the total economic impact of using an Enterprise Social Network. In terms of ROI the results speak for themselves

We’re Not in The Business of Being Safe

September 22nd, 2011   By   Filed Under: Candidates, Employers, Everyone

Full disclosure.

We’ve never built a recruitment company before.
We’ve never worked in a recruitment company before.
We’ve never been recruitment consultants.

Phew.  That’s off my chest.  Why is this important?  Well, Phil and I were having a chat over some pizza (Rustica of course, Trentino & Primavera), really good pizza I might add, and it dawned on us that we’ve been slowly walking ourselves in to the role of managing and building a recruitment company, the way we’ve been told.  What’s wrong with that you might ask?  Well, for us, there’s a great deal wrong with that.  You see our goal is not to just build a very profitable recruitment company.  Our goal is to build a brilliant recruitment consultancy that by virtue of the quality of consultants, the originality of engagement, the focus on ‘customer’, the rejection of ‘the way it’s done’ and the unflinching focus on excellence, we become so good, you simply can’t ignore us.

It’s a tall ask and it’s not the easy route to fame and riches, but in our mind, it’s without doubt the most interesting route, the route we think will bring the most challenges and the greatest highs.

So we’ve decided we’re going to do a little less listening and a lot more inventing.  To use tech parlance, we’re going to stop focussing on the ‘Features’ (disciplines/rates/terms) and focus more on ‘Usability’ (ease/experience/speed) and Customer Service (accuracy/access/personality).

There is the normal way to do recruitment and then there’s the way we want to do it.  We’re going to work on the stuff that matters with an ambition to create more value than we capture.

I can’t remember where I heard this so forgive the lack of referencing, ‘make meaning and then you’ll make money’.

Here’s to making meaning and eating more pizza.

If you want to be part of this, let’s have a chat

BBC London News on Future Cinema and “California Classics”

September 12th, 2011   By   Filed Under: Client Showcase, Employers

Last Saturday and Sunday one of our clients “Future Cinema” partnered up with Califirnia Tourism to transform Canary Wharf into a world of 80′s California for immersive screenings of The Lost Boys and Top Gun. Over 8000 people became Californians for the night and took part in the cinematic event of the year. We have heard amazing things about the event and that it was a great success. Have a look at this video where you can see more and the Creative Director of Future Shorts being Interviewed on BBC London News.

How Much Difference Could Your Marketing Talent Make?

September 7th, 2011   By   Filed Under: Candidates, Employers, Everyone

We’ve recently come across a new social venture that we think could help a lot of marketing professionals develop their careers and make a real difference to a large number of charities in the process. The venture is Pimp My Cause and it offers a new online matching service that enables marketers to connect with the causes they would most like to donate their talent and expertise to.

We loved the look of this project so met up with Pimp My Cause founder, Paul Skinner, and asked him how it can help marketers with a heart:

“Marketers can search and browse the profiles of the causes, as well as read their help wanted ads, selecting an organisation whose mission they feel passionate about and whose needs correspond to their own areas of interest and expertise. They can even team up with other marketers on the platform to form an “open source” marketing department, combining to deliver breakthrough benefits.”


Feel The Love!

September 2nd, 2011   By   Filed Under: Candidates, Employers, Everyone

This is too long for a tweet, so this one’s for you bloggers #trynottosoundlikeaweddingdj

Thanks Suzanne!

“I will most certainly vote for you guys as the best recruitment agency in the world!…You guys do stand apart from the mass of recruitment bollocks out there! (excuse the French).”


Those with similar passionate thoughts about us I urge you to vote for Dylan at the upcoming MARA awards 2011. Go on it will only take a second!