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How to get the most out of your employees through Interior Design

March 14th, 2012   By   Filed Under: Everyone, Interesting, Weird and Wonderful, Uncategorized

So, the other day, I was browsing the inter-web, trying to find some ideas for our office revamp. And, luckily enough, one of my digital idols just so happens to have made a video on how to enure you have the most coolest and creative office in the world. If you’ve not heard of Alex Bragg, allow me to introduce you: Mr Bragg is the creator of BajillionHits.Biz, a widely celebrated multi-platform social media lifestyle experience. Or, to put it simply, he’s the Dalai Lama of the social media space. Naturally, he’s close personal friends with The Zuck (or Mark Zuckerberg to those who aren’t in his inner-circle) and Big Cash (Pete Cashmore) and has won 2 Webbys, so you know he’s legit. Alex is a curator, a strategizer, a blogger, a paradigm-shifter, an innovator, a community-builder and a bespeckled dream-boat. Now we can add creative raw workspace loft visionist to the list. Boom.


The Wilderness Downtown

November 16th, 2011   By   Filed Under: Digital, Everyone, Interesting, Weird and Wonderful

Ok, so I know I’m a little slow off the mark with this one but, having recently taken part on a day’s coding course, I have a new-found respect for the art of the website. And it couldn’t be more arty than with this little stunner – – an enchantingly beautiful fusion of Arcade Fire’s “We Used to Wait” and Google Chrome’s diverse capabilities. (more…)

All Hail Holler!

October 5th, 2011   By   Filed Under: Client Showcase

For the past 2 years or so, I’ve been helping Holler find awesome people to join their team. Any candidate who’s ever been on the receiving end of my spiel will know that I’m a pretty big fan. Not only do they produce fantastically creative work for some huge brands, but they’re also a really lovely (and amusing) bunch of people. Will, their Creative Director and Co-Founder, was recently filmed by Getty Images, talking about the agency, their work and some of his favourite projects. An awesome insight to Holler and proof that I really am telling the truth when I say have positions with some of the country’s best agencies!!

There’s An App For That…

June 16th, 2011   By   Filed Under: Everyone

You’d have to have been living under a very large rock for a good few years to not know what an app is. You name it, there’s an app for it. So, what’s next? How about a mobile app dedicated entirely to recruiting new employees? Pepsi Co have one. Will other companies follow where they’ve paved the way?

Check it out: