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Dylan introduces a freelance supertool!

August 13th, 2012   By   Filed Under: Candidates, Digital

The old adage of ‘the early bird catches the worm’ perfectly embodies the mindset of a freelancer when it comes to finding a new contract. As a freelancer you have your trusted network of colleagues, friends in the industry and recruiters who you rely on to keep you informed when & where the next suitable role is available. As an important cog in that process we’ve looked at ways how we can improve the speed of service to our freelance talent and we’d like to introduce a solution.

We reached out to Watu (a tech company that specialises in temporary worker solutions) to help us engage with freelancers quicker than the current limited methods. Through our new web based app we aim to drive engagement between freelancers and us. We know that key to finding a freelance role is the speed of which you are made aware of a role and the relevance to your job search criteria. By building your profile on our freelancer app you can select the areas of marketing you wish to be updated with for freelance positions and receive alerts when positions are live.

We’re committed to providing a reaction to the old freelance recruitment model of ‘them and us’, the agency calling an otherwise unengaged database of faceless individuals to fulfil a short term contract. We’re aiming to drive more interaction between our freelance talent and increase the speed of new roles being released to the interested temporary worker.

With any new initiative our success (or failure!) hinges on your feedback. We’d like to invite all of our freelance talent to subscribe to our app and help us help you!



Hello 2012!!

January 20th, 2012   By   Filed Under: Everyone

I think that’s long enough of a blackout for SOPA to take notice….welcome back to the
Dylan blog! Happy New Year guys, hope you had a good one? Last year was a big big
year for Dylan, we were recognised by MARA’s & NORA’s for our work in the last 12
months, which was a huge honour. If that wasn’t pleasing enough we were awarded Best
Recruitment Blog of the year by Jobsite. Thanks! They have great taste in them Jobsite
offices (Max Beesley aside).

Anyway rather than talk about how great we are (let’s face it, we are great) we want
to say a massive well done to Creature for winning business from Adidas to help launch
new trainers in the Adidas Orginals range. This is an awesome win which includes TV,
print, digital and out of home. Great work guys.


November 21st, 2011   By   Filed Under: Everyone, Interesting, Weird and Wonderful

Boys and Girls, we are in the thick of Movember, quite literally! After last years huge success we were chomping at the bit to donate our top lips for a ridiculous look…all in the name of chari-dee! But what a worthwhile cause it is. Prostate Cancer affects thousands of men in the UK and the awareness generated by Movember is growing each year. You might have seen the likes of Gary Linekar and the MOTD boys sporting some rather dodgy facial hair but, rather than simply let our taches raise awareness, the boys at Dylan decided to go the extra yard and, through a partnership with the Wilkinson Sword Men UK facebook page, we decided to showcase characters inspired by said top lip ticklers. What you’re about to see is an homage to Pilots, Cowboys & Mexican wrestlers, amongst other creations. You can keep up to date on the Dylan Mo-Team’s progress on their Movember page and even make a donation to the team for this fan-tache-tic cause!

Rucking Brands!

October 7th, 2011   By   Filed Under: Everyone

The Rugby World Cup has been and gone for English fans!! Yes, I was excited and, yes, I am gutted. As are thousands of people across the country who were waking up early on weekends (or staying up!) to tune into the games, filling in their wallcharts, meticulously choosing their fantasy teams and partaking in office sweepstakes for seven weeks of Rugby….I got Wales by the way, which as an Englishman leaves me feeling overwhelmingly confused given the weekend’s results.


Feel The Love!

September 2nd, 2011   By   Filed Under: Candidates, Employers, Everyone

This is too long for a tweet, so this one’s for you bloggers #trynottosoundlikeaweddingdj

Thanks Suzanne!

“I will most certainly vote for you guys as the best recruitment agency in the world!…You guys do stand apart from the mass of recruitment bollocks out there! (excuse the French).”


Those with similar passionate thoughts about us I urge you to vote for Dylan at the upcoming MARA awards 2011. Go on it will only take a second!


Talented@… Bowling?!

June 3rd, 2011   By   Filed Under: Everyone, Interesting, Weird and Wonderful

Bloomsbury Bowls was the venue and competition was definitely the name of the game. Despite my best efforts (god loves a trier right?) nothing went my way. Desperation tactics to distract my colleagues with booze even failed and I was left languishing at the gutter end of the points table.

I couldn’t have asked for a better start, maybe it’s because I didn’t care or that I had an inkling at the misery that lay ahead but to my surprise the first bowl was a strike! I won’t bore you with the rest of my attempts (largely because they were rubbish) but needless to say my downward spiral was a stark contrast to everyone else who seemed to get better and better. Someone won, I forget who, and we all left with varying degrees of dis/satisfaction with our attempts. Honourable mentions go to Sophie “bowls like a dude” Jammes, Seb “showboat” Haire & Lucie “bouncing bomb” Emma.

It was great to get the troops out of the office, the standard has been set and we’re all eagerly awaiting details of our next day out, which will be when the Social Sec has found a medium he can excel……pub?

The Power of Networking Events

May 16th, 2011   By   Filed Under: Employers, Everyone

We’re big fans of networking events that put on a good spread. Come on, we all love a good canape don’t we? Of course it’s not the only reason we go, it’s the icing on the cake, a cake that should give us the opportunity to chat to like minded, interesting people, learn something new, make us think, and hopefully make us better at what we do.

Recently, a bunch of us attended the Digital Shoreditch event, celebrating premier digital production and boasting a world class creative community of designers, developers and all round digital enthusiasts. A digital SXSW in a way.

We also featured our first Talented @ Talent event, a thought leadership forum hosted by us, catering to the HR movers and shakers at our partner agencies and providing an environment for learning. The topic of discussion, business and personal assessment (PPA testing) was co-hosted by industry leaders, Thomas International (more…)