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A new age traveller’s tale

June 1st, 2012   By   Filed Under: Candidates, Digital, Interesting, Weird and Wonderful

One of our candidates called Gary Knox who we placed in his last role has decided to do it alone, not in the marketing but around the world. This is in a different way to how you can imagine, because it isn’t he who decides his direction or which countries he visits, it is you! (more…)

Happy 5th Birthday Dylan

March 26th, 2012   By   Filed Under: Everyone

This month marks the 5th year that Dylan opened its doors to the marketing world. In March 2007, myself, Julian Johnson and Philip Edleston decided to set up an marketing recruitment agency that did things a bit differently and a bit better. We have seen an incredible journey and had many highs along the way, with a lot of hard work and dedication to our original ethos;  we even celebrated the end of the 5th year picking up multiple awards in the MARA and NORA awards. It’s great to be part of such a brilliant and talented team working with excellent candidates and clients and I look forward to the next 5 years unfolding.

The Evolution of Dylan

December 1st, 2011   By   Filed Under: Candidates, Employers, Everyone

I have been here since March 3rd 2007 when Dylan first opended its doors as Mash Recruit. We opened them as a new and fairly green agency, we made some good headway through determination and a genuine ambition to create a unique recruitment consultancy. It was untimley that the recession took hold soon after but we were tenacious, dug deep and kept our heads above water, still trying to continue to stick to our ethos of trying to be a bit different but a lot better than the norm.

On Wednesday night last week, donned in a tuxedo with the team, I felt very proud to see us pick up two awards at the MARAs (best recruitment website and highly commended in the medium recruiter category) as well as picking up best small recruitment agency in the NORA awards recently too. It was a sign of how far we have come, it was a just a shame yours truly who was shortlisted for the best recrutiment awards wasn’t victorious, we must have missed the application deadline!

These awards are testament to the sheer hard work of the whole team and wonderful to see it acknowledged. Dylan is a wonderful place to work; there is a great culture, a fantastic team and a genuine pride of who we all work for and the brand that has been created. Next year I hope to go one better and scoop best medium agency of the year… see you on the podium.

BBC London News on Future Cinema and “California Classics”

September 12th, 2011   By   Filed Under: Client Showcase, Employers

Last Saturday and Sunday one of our clients “Future Cinema” partnered up with Califirnia Tourism to transform Canary Wharf into a world of 80′s California for immersive screenings of The Lost Boys and Top Gun. Over 8000 people became Californians for the night and took part in the cinematic event of the year. We have heard amazing things about the event and that it was a great success. Have a look at this video where you can see more and the Creative Director of Future Shorts being Interviewed on BBC London News.

Lego Goes Experiential!

August 2nd, 2011   By   Filed Under: Everyone, Interesting, Weird and Wonderful

You all remember Lego Technic right?! I definitely do and personally speaking I was a bit of a dab hand at making planes! So it was great to see the brand brought to life through a recent experiential campaign.

The campaign invites fans of all ages to invent and build their own Extreme Machine using Lego Technic to win a range of prizes. A panel of judges from The Gadget Show, How It Works magazine and Lego Technic will pick winners based on style, function and imagination.

Harry Harrison of Lego Technic said: “With Lego Technic, the possibilities are endless, so we are asking people to run with their imagination and invent their ultimate ‘Extreme Machine’.

“It’ll be a lot of fun whether you’re five or 50. People can get involved either by coming along to the roadshow, or by building or drawing their own ‘Extreme Machines’ at home and uploading the image online at”

The Lego Technic Invent and Build Garage will be touring the country, stopping at Smyths toy stores, Center Parcs holiday destinations and Legoland locations until September. The tour will allow fans to use Lego Technic to build their own Extreme Machine. Models built on the day will be entered into the prize draw and participants will get the chance to win one of the extra daily event prizes.


Experiential Marketing in Amrican Idol

April 19th, 2011   By   Filed Under: Employers, Everyone

The plan for rejuvenating “American Idol” in its tenth season includes a big dose of relationship marketing — Twitter accounts for finalists, Facebook voting and experiential marketing — the last in the form of a roving bus/museum called Idol Across America.

Adages caught up with the 16-city tour at its New York stop outside Fox HQ on Sixth Avenue for a quick review and all we can say is: “It’s pitchy, dawg.” (more…)

The age of interims rises

October 13th, 2010   By   Filed Under: Candidates, Employers

The average age of interims is rising, according to new data from Impact Executives, part of the Harvey Nash group.

The data shows that the proportion of interims over the age of 55 has risen in the past year, while 3% of respondents were over 65.

The data also shows that while last year the number of interims on assignment was fewer than those not on assignment, this year the balance has shifted again, with 55% working and 45% not.

Christine de Largy, managing director of Impact Executives, says: “These results do not set out to shock or buck the trend but reiterate our continued message that things are heading in a positive direction, just at a slow, steady pace. We have also noted that in interim appointments, maturity and expertise will be important differentiators in cost reduction or profit improvement.”

This shows that during this time of recession, wisdom and experience of past tough times are invaluable to businesses.


10 reasons why small businesses should blog

February 8th, 2010   By   Filed Under: Uncategorized

Blogging is almost the grandfather of social media. There are millions of blogs and bloggers worldwide, some read by millions, others by only a few.But, done properly, blogs can be a very important part of social media marketing for small businesses. Here’s why:

Convey your brand personality – even the best websites can be a bit dull. The best way to spice up your site is to include a blog. Here you can be more informal and get across your personality and the personality of your brand.

Demonstrate your knowledge, experience or expertise – blogging is a great way to demonstrate that you know what you are talking about. By going into greater depth on a subject you will engage with your visitors and demonstrate your knowledge

Make your website feel alive and up to date – static business websites can often feel as though they are ignored and are rarely updated. A blog will give regular, dynamic content that is changing on a frequent basis.

Give your customers added value – by blogging regularly, you can give visitors yet another reason to come back and visit your site, especially if you are using RSS or Twitter to send out updates about your recent posts
Help with search engine optimisation – a blog is a great way to build extra visibility with the search engines. Make sure your content is relevant and includes plenty of your popular search keywords.

Give visitors a reason to buy – whilst your website will give visitors lots of information about your products or services, your blog will offer a way for you to demonstrate why they are important or valuable. This could be through tips, guidance or possibly even case studies.

Become a thought leader – by blogging on a regular basis, you will build up a following in your industry and this will improve your recognition and publicity far and beyond your traditional customer base.

Valuable content for other social media channels – with so many social media networks out there, the challenge is often knowing exactly what content to share. Having regular blog posts provides a vast array of new, fresh content that you can tweet or share to your heart’s content!

Show you care – the time and effort that you dedicate to blogging will show to your website visitors that you really care about this business and are happy to go that extra mile

Embrace the blogosphere – blogging isn’t the end of the matter. If you are really going to make a blogging strategy successful, you need to be out there in the blogosphere commenting on other blogs and joining in the conversation. If you do this, your blog will be better known and your traffic will really start to grow.
By Social Small Biz on November 29, 2009

Graduate vacancies are set to increase this year!

January 13th, 2010   By   Filed Under: Uncategorized

Graduate vacancies are set to increase this year. However, 2010′s graduates will face stiff competition from their 2009 counterparts, according to new research from market research firm High Fliers.

The research shows that:

Firms expect to recruit 11.8% more graduates this year than in 2009.

Half of employers are in the process of stepping up 2010 graduate recruitment targets.

More than 40% of graduate applications have come from 2009 graduates as opposed the current undergraduates
the average graduate starting salary of £27,000 is expected to remain unchanged.

Managing director of High Fliers Research, Martin Birchall, says: “After two years of swinging cuts in graduate recruitment, it’s very encouraging that Britain’s best-known and most sought-after employers are stepping up their entry-level vacancies for 2010.

London sacrifices Virgins after centimetre of snow…

December 16th, 2009   By   Filed Under: Interesting, Weird and Wonderful

SOCIAL order crumbled and mass executions of sacrificial virgins were ordered as over a centimetre of snow fell in some parts of London today.

Putney virgins must dieAs temperatures plummeted mayor Boris Johnson abandoned snowbound boroughs and told them to fend for themselves and eat each other if necessary.

Johnson said: “We can’t save the people of Putney now, we can only pray that the gods spare them. All we can do is hope the blood of 100 virgins appeases the snow sprites and makes the roads usable once more.”

Many famous London landmarks, including the National Gallery and Madam Tussaud’s are currently ablaze as locals try to ward off the white terror.

London cabbie Charlie Reeves said: “It’s a bleedin’ shame all them Rembrandts had to go up but that weird white stuff has gorn away now, so maybe Jack Sleet hates Dutch Golden Age art? I blame the Polish comin’ over here and bringing it wiv them, meself.

He added: “Mind you, Tussaud’s has gone up a treat. It’s like a giant candle made out of corpses. Luverly.”

This evening will see the sacrificial virgins pushed off the top of Nelson’s Column into a blazing pit of Monets followed by a carol service by the Westminster choir. The ceremony has not been conducted since 1751, when half of London died as several ponds froze over for three days.

Boris Johnson added: “We can only assume we have angered Old Flaky in some way, possibly with our plans to extend the Congestion Zone. I’ve commissioned a think tank to look into alternative methods of snow god appeasement, such as Jew expulsion or making the Queen dance erotically on the roof of Buckingham Palace.”

Martin Bishop, a Carlisle-born builder working in London, said: “They’re like this all the time, you know. You should have seen my neighbours when some of their roof tiles blew off last winter. You couldn’t move for slaughtered chickens in our cul de sac.”

:: Courteousy of The Daily Mash, Dec 2009