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Hello 2012!!

January 20th, 2012   By   Filed Under: Everyone

I think that’s long enough of a blackout for SOPA to take notice….welcome back to the
Dylan blog! Happy New Year guys, hope you had a good one? Last year was a big big
year for Dylan, we were recognised by MARA’s & NORA’s for our work in the last 12
months, which was a huge honour. If that wasn’t pleasing enough we were awarded Best
Recruitment Blog of the year by Jobsite. Thanks! They have great taste in them Jobsite
offices (Max Beesley aside).

Anyway rather than talk about how great we are (let’s face it, we are great) we want
to say a massive well done to Creature for winning business from Adidas to help launch
new trainers in the Adidas Orginals range. This is an awesome win which includes TV,
print, digital and out of home. Great work guys.