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LinkedIn – friend or foe?

December 13th, 2011   By   Filed Under: Candidates, Employers, Everyone


I love LinkedIn, not in the love I will have for my first child, but close to it. LinkedIn has revolutionised the recruitment industry. It plays on a very simple emotion, vanity. You may disagree with the vanity suggestion, but if you are on LinkedIn, then you are comfortable with promoting yourself to the world, which is being vain.

Your profile is effectively your CV, it’s a highlight reel of your corporate life, an opportunity for everyone to see what you do and how good you may be.  For companies this is an interesting problem because you know you star performers are constantly visible for all to see and for all to contact.

Recruiters obviously use LinkedIn as a first port of call to head hunt candidates. It allows upfront honesty and assuming that the recruiter is ethical in their approach and respects the persons contact settings (ie, the “open to career opportunities” is highlighted in their contact settings) it is an unobtrusive manner to get in touch. So knowing this is the case, why do companies like their employees being on LinkedIn?

The reason is that it offers a readymade eco-system to help understand what your talent is doing and where. Many companies are buying staffing enterprise solutions, such as Watu,, a subscription based staffing ecosystem that manages recruitment. Watu also schedules, deploys and runs payroll for staff. It’s a fantastic product that is revolutionising the field staffing sector. But if you don’t need the extras then LinkedIn is ready made. Coca-cola famously used it to track down talent in their organisation. They required a specialist skill-set and via LinkedIn found out someone in their organisation had it, saving thousands of pounds in recruitment fees.

I believe LinkedIn to be a friend. It creates transparency in the work place, allows for business to flow and a freedom to develop that we didn’t have 10 years ago. LinkedIn is here to stay, so I say embrace it!



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  1. Rod says:

    manor??? I think you mean manner. Good article!

  2. Shayne Cuffy says:

    starting to use LinkedIN more and more

* *