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What An Idea, Teacher!

November 1st, 2011   By   Filed Under: Everyone, Interesting, Weird and Wonderful

Richa Arora, Experiential and Events Junior Consultant, talks about the power of education by making it fun, immersive, creative and interesting!

Winter, 2010 – As my internship at Dylan was drawing to a close, I decided to earn a few extra pre-Christmas pounds by teaching students who took GCSE and A-levels in Science and Mathematics during after work hours (I am geeky, yes!) . I loved it, purely because it is a very fulfilling profession. The thought of imparting knowledge is very satisfying and, most of the time, it’s not one-way. I learnt so much myself while in the process of teaching these really bright kids.

In preparation for each lesson I looked for innovative ways to engage the students and fuel their imagination whilst I taught them about otherwise subjective topics as fluid mechanics or renewable energy. I always looked forward to these tuition sessions, encouraged by the fact that my students emailed me regularly stating how their classroom teaching wasn’t practical enough and they enjoyed the interactive learning so much; this all from lessons I based off BBC classroom resources and my own practical demonstrations, very much within health and safety boundaries of course! I always thought that it was of utmost importance that students have a solid foundation of concepts in their early years as the prescribed curriculum is not just to score good grades but also to learn theoretically and practically. These lessons, besides helping students with their further education, come in very handy in all spheres of life e.g. I am guilty of using simultaneous equations to plan my monthly lunches – big and small ones to stay within budget and shop with the rest of the money. And it’s not just that; percentages, physics and general knowledge make one a well-rounded individual.

Spring, 2011 I was introduced to National Schools Partnership as one of my first clients at Dylan. I’ve researched them ever since and I can safely say that their work is truly awesome! I absolutely adore NSP as an agency and am so proud of their work. The agency specialises in providing schools with detailed resources and lesson plans, which make the learning process more interactive and infused with practical knowledge. From personal experience, I know how much kids love learning through fun! These resources are branded with NSP’s coveted client-list. These clients in turn are able to build an unprecedented foothold within the school/family market. Their resources adhere to educational guidelines and standards and cover not just what is there in the books, but go a step further to pump creativity into them. The children are educated and the brands reach out this audience through a truly integrated marketing approach which covers branding, digital, promotions and experiential.

Rocket science? Not at all! It’s a simple idea which has actually been incorporated by someone ( Founded in 2004 and 25,000 schools later, NSP today is a benchmark in changing the way education is imparted. I am so proud to be working with them, they’re bloody cool!

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Leave a comment (2)

  1. Rob says:

    What an awesome blog Roo. I loved your talk on NSP recently and I can completely understand why you think so highly of them. I never knew you had done the tutoring so I’ve learnt something new about you too!

  2. Richa says:

    Thanks Rob! I really love their work.
    You didn’t know I tutored? Oh Bob, you’ve known me for a year. See, this is why you’re called Bob!

* *