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I Like Facebook…I Want to be a Social Media Manager

October 10th, 2011   By   Filed Under: Candidates, Digital

I hear this quite a lot. I would go as far as to say that Social Media is the most popular career choice for graduates coming into the world of Digital. I love Social Media, be it Google +, Facebook, Twitter or Yammer I think they all have their place and are terrific Marketing channels. I am also fairly proficient and knowledgeable across them all, but this doesn’t mean I could transfer into a Social Media Managers position. You need more than an interest and profile to work in Social media!

Now that my mini rant is over, how should you go about getting into Social Media?

Have a strategy, have an area of expertise and learn a market. Just like with any skillset you need to build up experience, The great thing about Social media is that it has a low entry point, it doesn’t cost any money and is accessible to everyone (assuming you are fortunate enough to have a computer/phone).

How do you build your experience without a job?
1) Establish your identity

Are you being yourself on a personal or a business level?

2) Choose your channels

Twitter and Linkedin can be better for some businesses, but Facebook and Myspace could be better for others.

3) Develop your strategy

Are you going to build a community through a topic, have an opinion, or market information?

4) Blog

Develop your opinions in more than the 140 characters twitter allows you.

5) Drive traffic

Get people to link in across your sites and drive them to your blog.

6) Interact

Make sure you are active in the community.

7) Master social tools

One example is Hootsuite. Start looking at the analytics, learn to post comments for maximum impact.


The above should be enough to prove to a potential employee that you have gone one step further than just being interested in Social Media. You are now building communities, and guiding topics and traffic. This should be enough to get you a foot in the door and secure you an interview for your first Social Media position.

Seb is Team Leader of our digital team.

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  1. Julian Johnson says:

    I have recently been reading a lot around the Age of the Customer, the era we are competing in now, defined by a change in the roles of the players, brand and customer, such that the customer now has greater influence than ever on the success and failure of the brand.

    A big part of the discussion centres around the customer service angle and the use of social media to leverage consumer opinion to better service their needs, drive product development, iterate services and the customer experience. Social media is not about how best to market a brand anymore, it is about how best to engage with the customer and respond to their opinions, wants and needs.

    For any social media aspirant, I would highly recommend reading Competitive Strategy In The Age Of The Customer by Josh Bernoff and then forming your own opinions on how best to utilise social media relevant to external customer service as well as internal customer service (your company employees) with an aim to creating advocates of them all, thereby creating genuine brand ambassadors, a marketing holy grail.

* *