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Get Them Talking

October 27th, 2011   By   Filed Under: Digital, Employers, Everyone

I had the pleasure of attending the Yammer On Tour conference with the Co-Founder of Dylan Julian yesterday. We’ve been using Yammer for a few months in the office and have become complete evangelists of the product.

So what exactly is Yammer I hear you cry? Well put simply their pitch is…

It’s a great tool for getting your employees and colleagues off email and offering them a far more fluid way to communicate, share ideas, update teams on projects and facilitate group discussions without a mile long email trail.

Now I’m not here to pitch Yammer necessarily (although it is excellent) but address the importance for companies to start communicating in a different way and embrace the social revolution that is going on all around us.

As I mentioned, we’ve been using Yammer here at Dylan for a while now and have found it’s an excellent way to speed up the conversations that happen within the office. All sorts of things get shared through Yammer and with it being set up on social media principles i.e. with a main feed and then private messaging, you can keep up with what’s going on in the company without actually having to engage in conversation.

Now Dylan is a small business (with big ambitions) and many larger businesses will look upon a tool like this with fear and trepidation over the loss of control. The reality is many (if not all) of your employees are on social applications such as Facebook and Twitter everyday, so why would you want to miss out on this shared knowledge by ignoring this fact?

The social revolution is here and the benefits of embracing this will only be realised once you take the leap to integrate it into how your organisation communicates.

…And if you’re still not convinced you can read the Forrester Report which looks at the total economic impact of using an Enterprise Social Network. In terms of ROI the results speak for themselves

Part Time Rock Star

October 26th, 2011   By   Filed Under: Interesting, Weird and Wonderful

If you have visited the Meet The Team pages of our website and the consultants’ own profile pages, you’ll have seen that we like to show you a bit more about us as individuals with personalities than the average website. So, whilst a little embarrassed, if you are watching the video (I’m on the left) then this is me living our values and sharing with you, whether you like it or not, a bit more about me outside of the office. It also explains why I am only a Part Time Rockstar…and that is being generous!

“Why are you embarrassed?” I cannot hear you cry. Well, it’s not Wembley Stadium (it’s my Uncle’s warehouse) and it is not vintage guitar skills (it’s average “make lots of noise to cover up for a lack of” skills). It’s a short video of a practice session for playing at my sister’s wedding earlier this year and, yes, I Bet you Look Good On The Dance Floor is a very suitable song for a wedding reception. I should point out that this wasn’t their first dance, they sensibly kept that to a pre-recorded love song! The other two wannabe rock stars are my brother (guitar, right) and uncle (vocals).

A Month at Dylan

October 14th, 2011   By   Filed Under: Candidates, Everyone

Dylan resourcer Kat Kearney reflects on her first month at Dylan… Find out more about Kat here.

As the week draws to a close I sit at my desk and reflect on the fleeting month – not only my first month at Dylan but my first month in recruitment. (more…)

Digital in Print

October 12th, 2011   By   Filed Under: Digital

Recently we featured our first ad in Marketing Week. It was a quarter page ad featuring a QR code that takes you to the Dylan jobs page. The response rate was great, within 2 hours we had over 100 people scan the QR Code. This got me thinking; do the digitally savvy, the evangelists of online, still buy print? Should we advertise on a non digital platform.

I adopted an I-pad almost a year ago to date. I have several subscriptions to newspapers and magazines that are now I-pad only and bar the Sunday Times (and if I’m completely honest, the odd copy of Heat I steal from my Fiancé when she isn’t looking) I don’t buy print anymore. The only ads I look at are now online. So if the target audience is the Digitally savvy, is there any need to be anywhere outside of the digital world? Well our advert proves to us that yes, we should still cover all platforms, but the way we do it is important. By using a QR code, we engaged with the relevant target audience, those that embrace Digital in all its forms.

Either way, it was a proud moment to see Dylan Digital in print!

Innovative Recruitment

October 12th, 2011   By   Filed Under: Dylan in the press

In this week’s Marketing Magazine, Phil Edelston (Dylan MD), talks to Peter Crush about innovative recruitment and how employers are still failing to look beyond the “find us someone from the competition” recruitment strategy. Click on the images above to read more.

Shaping The Marketing Department of the Future

October 11th, 2011   By   Filed Under: Digital, Dylan in the press

In this issue of Marketing Magazine Trevor Clawson reports on how digital is shaping the marketing team of the future.  Clawson spoke to Dylan’s Digital Team Leader, Seb Haire. Click on the images above to read the article and get Seb’s view on this much talked about subject.

I Like Facebook…I Want to be a Social Media Manager

October 10th, 2011   By   Filed Under: Candidates, Digital

I hear this quite a lot. I would go as far as to say that Social Media is the most popular career choice for graduates coming into the world of Digital. I love Social Media, be it Google +, Facebook, Twitter or Yammer I think they all have their place and are terrific Marketing channels. I am also fairly proficient and knowledgeable across them all, but this doesn’t mean I could transfer into a Social Media Managers position. You need more than an interest and profile to work in Social media!

Now that my mini rant is over, how should you go about getting into Social Media?


Rucking Brands!

October 7th, 2011   By   Filed Under: Everyone

The Rugby World Cup has been and gone for English fans!! Yes, I was excited and, yes, I am gutted. As are thousands of people across the country who were waking up early on weekends (or staying up!) to tune into the games, filling in their wallcharts, meticulously choosing their fantasy teams and partaking in office sweepstakes for seven weeks of Rugby….I got Wales by the way, which as an Englishman leaves me feeling overwhelmingly confused given the weekend’s results.


All Hail Holler!

October 5th, 2011   By   Filed Under: Client Showcase

For the past 2 years or so, I’ve been helping Holler find awesome people to join their team. Any candidate who’s ever been on the receiving end of my spiel will know that I’m a pretty big fan. Not only do they produce fantastically creative work for some huge brands, but they’re also a really lovely (and amusing) bunch of people. Will, their Creative Director and Co-Founder, was recently filmed by Getty Images, talking about the agency, their work and some of his favourite projects. An awesome insight to Holler and proof that I really am telling the truth when I say have positions with some of the country’s best agencies!!