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ZEEFAX – The Best CV Ever!

August 24th, 2011   By   Filed Under: Candidates, Digital, Employers, Everyone, Guest Blog

At Dylan we love to see people being innovative in their job search, going that extra mile in the search of a job they love. As we say: Love what you do. Never work Again.

So, having recently brought you The Best Cover Letter Ever courtesy of Gareth Cash’s video we are now happy to bring you The Best CV Ever, ZEEFAX! This time from Zef Narkiewics who has taken a nostalgic approach to that remnant of the past, Ceefax (or Teletext if you’d rather), to set himself apart from the crowd. Awesome, nice work Zef. Here is what Zef had to say about his CV:

“I remember attending a lecture at University where the visiting speaker was discussing ‘novelty’ CVs, describing them as a hit and miss approach, more often than not bordering on the miss. Opinions differ, as with anything; some designers might slap their thighs and roar with laughter at your baked-bean-tin-CV whilst others may chuck it in the bin with last week’s copy of Creative Review. A CV’s primary objective should not be sacrificed for a creative approach. Potential employers want easily obtainable information on who you are and what you can do – nothing should hinder them (too greatly) in discovering this. It was with this in mind that I took a punt and designed my CV to look like a Teletext service.


Why We Are Proud To Be Sponsoring The Best Newcomer Award At The Next Marketing and Advertising Recruitment Awards

August 17th, 2011   By   Filed Under: Candidates, Employers, Everyone

Dylan was created 4 years ago as a reaction to the status quo. Created by entrepreneurs, not recruiters, who were tired of the usual recruitment hyperbole and wanted to offer clients a different proposition to the ‘same old, same old’.

Every industry needs new rock star talent and innovation to be the force behind the creative destruction of industry norms. Innovation can come from companies continually adapting but it so often comes from the new kids on the block who want to, and can, do things differently. Better.

This is why we are delighted to be sponsoring the Best Newcomer award at the next Marketing and Advertising Recruitment Awards. To give praise to, shine a light on and encourage the best newcomer to our industry.

We were nominated for a few awards too, not this one though of course, and we’re all smiles about making the finalists in 5 categories (including Best Recruitment Website for this site!).  That also includes Best Recruitment Consultant for our very own Ant and Recruitment Boss of the Year for Phil and Julian.

You can find out more about the MARA awards on their website

QR Codes

August 16th, 2011   By   Filed Under: Everyone, Interesting, Weird and Wonderful

My experience so far with QR codes has been disappointing. I just don’t seem to have seen one that has made me go ‘Wow!’ or been that breakthrough idea where they are really adding value or improving the customer experience.

A recent example comes from a poster I saw in London which I presume was advertising a band’s new album. I say ‘I presume’ as all that was there was the band’s name (which I have forgotten) and then a massive QR code which, in normal music marketing, would be replaced with a picture of the album cover or the band itself (the skinnier the jeans the better) with various comments and star ratings.

I rather cynically assumed that the brands marketer thought, “Hey, you know what? Mostly kids and teens like this band and they are cool and down with new tech, let’s just whack a great QR code on the poster and that will be ground breaking”. No it wasn’t in my opinion. I have no idea what band’s poster I am talking about, whether they have a new album or a new tour and I have no idea what message they were trying to spread other than “We’re not trying to talk to you”.


We Do This For Love & Money

August 15th, 2011   By   Filed Under: Candidates, Digital, Everyone

As you may have gathered from our website, our success recipe at Dylan is relatively simple. Take an excellent consultant, support him or her with a great brand, remain true to the company values of integrity, professionalism, passion and ambition and you’ll provide a consultancy approach to recruitment that adds value to the candidate and the client. The recipe can be over baked, there can be too much of one ingredient or too little of another, but when you get it right, it’s brilliant. Our goal each and every day is to get it right.

So what does a great consultant look like? They have booming laughs, ridiculous haircuts, dimples, great dress sense, an excellent bowling arm and a penchant for culinary over indulgence. Or none of the above. The truth is, a great consultant is measured entirely by their actions. You can spot them by the way their eyes glint when talking about how great their candidates are, by listening to how excited they get when they talk about one of their clients recent achievements, by seeing the respect that they afford their colleagues and in observing their ability to maintain a strong balance of interest in candidate and client alike, managing the to and fro of communication and negotiation with honest aplomb.

Phil and I have made a promise to ourselves that success will never come at all costs. One of the costs we’re not prepared to pay is to work with individuals we don’t think rock. It might mean forsaking the opportunity to work with a huge billing consultant, or an agency with a thousand live jobs, it might mean never getting to represent a particular candidate who we know we could easily place each and every time. This is the price we pay for this stance. What it does mean though is that we get to come to work with a group of people who we respect highly, both professionally and personally, people we get to bounce ideas off, share ideology and pursue our goal together, to be the very best marketing recruitment agency we can be, for our candidates, for our clients, but most importantly, for ourselves.

This sign sits above a shop in Shoreditch. I love it.  It’s two reasons why they’ll be good at what they do, they’re passionate (love) and honest (money). I like to think we’re the same.   

If you would like to learn more about Dylan, e-mail Jules on and he’ll arrange to grab a coffee with you and have a chat.

A look into Google+ and the Growing Social Network Battle between Google and Facebook

August 5th, 2011   By   Filed Under: Candidates, Employers, Everyone

What is it?
Google+ launched on 28th June and is their 4th attempt at ‘cracking social’. Of course, social networks are popping up all over the place and whilst some quickly become obsolete (anyone remember Hi5, Ping!?) others, like this, are worth taking note of. Google+ took just two weeks to hit 10 million users globally, with many more trying to get invites to become beta users. Having failed with Wave and Buzz, this time, their focus is on a smarter, more intuitive interface with the ability to segment your friends, followers and any other group you want to create.


Lego Goes Experiential!

August 2nd, 2011   By   Filed Under: Everyone, Interesting, Weird and Wonderful

You all remember Lego Technic right?! I definitely do and personally speaking I was a bit of a dab hand at making planes! So it was great to see the brand brought to life through a recent experiential campaign.

The campaign invites fans of all ages to invent and build their own Extreme Machine using Lego Technic to win a range of prizes. A panel of judges from The Gadget Show, How It Works magazine and Lego Technic will pick winners based on style, function and imagination.

Harry Harrison of Lego Technic said: “With Lego Technic, the possibilities are endless, so we are asking people to run with their imagination and invent their ultimate ‘Extreme Machine’.

“It’ll be a lot of fun whether you’re five or 50. People can get involved either by coming along to the roadshow, or by building or drawing their own ‘Extreme Machines’ at home and uploading the image online at”

The Lego Technic Invent and Build Garage will be touring the country, stopping at Smyths toy stores, Center Parcs holiday destinations and Legoland locations until September. The tour will allow fans to use Lego Technic to build their own Extreme Machine. Models built on the day will be entered into the prize draw and participants will get the chance to win one of the extra daily event prizes.