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Digital Pure-Play vs Integrated

July 1st, 2011   By   Filed Under: Candidates, Employers, Everyone

I clearly don’t have Miles Young’s experience, nor have I been in the industry for 30 years and seen things come and go, however, I do have the fortunate position to be in the middle of the Digital revolution.

I genuinely believe there is a place for pure-play Digital Agencies. Just like there is a place for PR or SP Agencies. The issue isn’t the silo-thinking; it’s how the silo thinking is integrated into the bigger picture.

We need people who live and breathe Digital, people who are so passionate about the discipline that that’s all they know and/or care for. This is how we progress the discipline. We need agencies of excellence that do nothing else than Digital, offering amazing solutions and exciting Ideas.

What we need to be careful of is who is leading the Strategy. Digital is just another channel. Sometimes it’s the right one to use and sometimes not. There is a need for specialists and there is a need for pure-plays. Marketing is a big puzzle and Digital is an essential piece. Without pure-play Digital agency, we would be missing a huge trick.

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  1. rob says:

    I quite agree. Whilst Integrated agencies will continue to develop and build out their digital capabilities there will still be a requirement for pure-play digital agencies to be the specialists much as there are other agencies specialising in other aspects of the marketing mix.

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