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Employee Equity: How Much?

February 24th, 2011   By   Filed Under: Employers, Everyone

The most common comment in this long and complicated MBA Mondays series on Employee Equity is the question of how much equity should you grant when you make a hire. I am going to try to address that question in this post.

First, a caveat. For your first key hires, three, five, maybe as much as ten, you will probably not be able to use any kind of formula. Getting someone to join your dream before it is much of anything is an art not a science. And the amount of equity you need to grant to accomplish these hires is also an art and most certainly not a science. However, a rule of thumb for those first few hires is that you will be granting them in terms of points of equity (ie 1%, 2%, 5%, 10%). To be clear, these are hires we are talking about, not co-founders. Co-founders are an entirely different discussion and I am not talking about them in this post.


Happiness At Work – A Philosophical View

February 21st, 2011   By   Filed Under: Uncategorized

Work is love...

More recent research finds that most people approach their work in one of three ways: as a job, a career, or a calling. If you see your work as a job, you do it only for the money, you look at the clock frequently while dreaming about the weekend ahead, and you probably pursue hobbies, which satisfies your effectance needs more thoroughly than does your work. If you see you work as a career, you have larger goals of advancement, promotion and prestige. The pursuit of these goals often energizes you, and you sometimes take work home with you because you want to get the job done properly. Yet, at times, you wonder why you work so hard.


Charity Begins on Monday

February 10th, 2011   By   Filed Under: Charity Water, Everyone

As of Monday, February 14th 2011, Dylan becomes a partner to charity:water, the brilliant charity started by Scott Harrison in 2006.

Having provided clean water to over 300,000 people, we’re joining up to provide a financial donation each and every time we make a placement at Dylan. By donating £25 as a company, and our consultants donating £15 as individuals, every placement that Dylan makes will result in a clean drinking water solution for 3 people.

Be sure to visit our giving page on charity:water and ideally, join our team.  We look forward to updating you on our progress.

From the Mash Field to Office Glory – Part 1

February 8th, 2011   By   Filed Under: Interesting, Weird and Wonderful

Over the next few weeks, we are going to feature some real Mash Success Stories.

The spotlight turns to 5 Top Mashers who – after representing us brilliantly in the field on multiple campaigns – are now displaying their talents and skills here at Dylan Towers – either with us at Dylan London or with our Sister Company – Mash.

Each of our featured Mashers are fantastic evidence of where you can get with hard work, professionalism and no little fun…

Today’s featured Masher is the one and only Seb.

“Whilst at Uni I worked for Mash in the field. I started as a BA working on L’Oreal in-store delighting the females of the North with the fragrance of Ralph Lauren.. Throughout my time I worked on Armani, BlueSquare, Eat Natural, Cadburys, Lindt Chocolate, Ray Ban with the pinnacle of my Mash career running the Tic Tac campaign across the North East of England. The Orange van and Hawaiian shorts were a big hit!


Richard Branson on Intrapreneurs

February 1st, 2011   By   Filed Under: Candidates, Employers

- The business icon talks about empowering employees to break the rules

I am incredibly lucky to be able to live in the British Virgin Islands, one of the most beautiful spots on the planet. My family’s home is on Necker Island, which is both our home and a luxury resort. Here, I’m much more likely to do my thinking in an office hammock rather than an office chair.

Seeing guests exploring the beach reminded me that one of the first charming things visitors to the BVIs see are signs in the airport arrivals area that designate the immigration channels. Unlike the rest of the English-speaking world, here the signs read “Belongers” and “Non-Belongers,” rather than “Residents” and “Nonresidents.”