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The Public Sector

May 25th, 2010   By   Filed Under: Everyone

So the Public Sector has finally caught up with the Private Sector- Job cuts and pay freezes! Public Sector spending cuts of £6.25bn have been outlined by Chancellor George Osborne in his first major announcement on how the coalition government is to tackle the £156bn budget deficit.

Among the savings to be announced are nearly £2bn from IT programmes, suppliers and property and over £1bn from the reduction in consultancy and travel costs.

With the threat of 300,000 people losing their jobs, can those who have been loyal to the Public Sector make the transition into the private sector?

Let’s look at Marketing (as hopefully we know something about this). Can a seasoned Public Sector Marketer break into the private sector? The honest answer is it’s going to be tough. In agency land, public sector accounts will be lost, stripped or reduced. This will mean more competition per role.

So how can you combat this? Well play to that strength. If an agency is nervous about losing an account, bringing someone in, with exposure to the Public sector could help strengthen the case. As a candidate I would advise mapping out agencies with Public Sector accounts (Golly Slater, BlueFrog, The Good Agency) and going to them with this proposition in mind. Show then how you can strengthen their case to retain an account. If you have the inner knowledge, you can be worth your weight in gold.

If you don’t know what agencies you work with, find out and then approach them first. Be proactive! You are always going to be up against someone who has worked at a similar agency – the safe bet. You need to prove why a fresh set of eyes and inside working knowledge is better than the safe bet.