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Brand Camp

April 27th, 2009   By   Filed Under: Interesting, Weird and Wonderful

Tom Fishbourne, UK Managing Director of Method Products is also the cartoonist behind Brand Camp – a collection of very clever management cartoons. Tom is an inspirational business man, hugely innovative and enterprising and a great guy to work with. For more of his cartoons please go to

“I’ve been thinking about how the recession is sinking into the collective business psyche. It feels like we’re all going through some form of the Kubler-Ross stages of grief. I’ve been struck by the resurgance of WWII-era propaganda, like the vintage “Keep Calm and Carry On” poster that suddenly appeared everywhere…….” (more at

Immaculate Confection

April 16th, 2009   By   Filed Under: Interesting, Weird and Wonderful

Ever wondered what the anatomy of a balloon sculpture, gummie bear or lego man looks like?  Or how a gummie bear is ‘made’?  Neither have we.

However, we love the work of Manhattan based digital animator Jason Freeny.  He has recently been featured in this months edition of WIRED UK, where his anatomical rendering of Little Big Planet’s Sack Boy made us all giddy with excitement.  Imagine the possibilities!

Here’s a sneaky peak at some of his work:

‘Pneumatic Anatomica’

‘Micro Schematic’

‘De-constructing Sack Boy’

‘Qee Anatomy’

‘Anatomie Gummi Bear’

‘Immaculate Confection’

For more of Jason’s amazing work, visit his website on

Ways to select the right recruitment company

April 15th, 2009   By   Filed Under: Employers

After the boom years of recent times, one thing that the UK is not short on is recruitment companies.  The continuous growth experienced over the last 5 years, pre the drop off, has meant that agencies have been able to spring up anywhere and everywhere, fulfilling the recruitment needs of the growing businesses nationwide.  This phenomenal growth has come at a cost, most notably a quality cost, with ‘agencies’ rather than consultancies operating to a sales lead, numbers based business model, forsaking the consultancy lead, partnership ethos that is an essential element in any successful talent partnership.  Here’s some tips on selecting the right recruitment partner;

Tip no.1

Check for expertise in the area. The consultancy should know about local qualifications, the registration process for professional bodies and have some background for such operations.

Tip no.2

Go personally to their offices, meet the team, check their surroundings and their employees and make sure that their company culture fits in with yours.

Tip no.3

Meet the people who will be working with you to find your talent.  Recognise them as your partners, understand that they are trying to help you grow your business by recruiting the right talent, engender an environment of honesty so that their feedback is conducive to positive change that further enhances your business offering.

Tip no.4

Reference your recruitment partners, talking to their other clients to get feedback on both the business and the consultants you work with.  They are the most trustworthy sources on this matter but be careful on rushing to call the number they gave you immediately.  It could be anyone.  Research the company on the Internet and make sure it’s a really credible source.

Tip no.5

Investigate the kind of support they offer as the way they treat the candidates tells a lot about their business and will dictate the quality of candidates that are attracted to their business, and as a result, yours.

These are just a few tips on making the right choice.  The fundamental driver should be to ascertain whether their business is as professional as your, that their emphasis on quality and culture is as focused as yours and that they understand the strategy goals of your business and how talent fits in to your growth strategy.  If your consultancy ticks all of these boxes, you have yourself a real partner rather than just an agency trying to ‘sell’ you candidates.

Great Entrepreneurial Moments, 1979 – 2009

April 9th, 2009   By   Filed Under: Everyone

Inc Magazine are celebrating 30 years of entrepreneurship with a special Anniversary issue.  We really like the Great Moments chart on their site;

To see how it works, visit 

Have a great Easter!